General Secretariat of Private Investments and Public Private Partnerships (GSPI&PPPs)

The General Secretariat of Private Investments and Public Private Partnerships (GSPI & PPPs) is responsible for the design and implementation of the development laws, strategic investments and PPPs. The GSPI&PPPs consists of two General Directorates, the General Directorate of Development Laws and Direct Foreign Investments and the General Directorate of Strategic Investments, as well as the Public Private Partnerships Unit.

The GSPI’s & PPPs mission is the implementation of the government policy for the facilitation and increase of private (local and foreign) investments and private and public partnerships, to further strengthen the national economy.

Primary goal of the GSPI & PPPs is the attraction and implementation of private investments and the improvement of the investment climate through specific legislative reforms able to accelerate and simplify the administrative procedures.

The recent legislative reforms on strategic investments (L. 4864/2021), the Just Development Transition (L. 4872/2021) and the new Development law (L. 4887/2022), have formed a complete, attractive, flexible and effective legal framework for investments, which will create significant results to the national economy and the local societies.

In addition, the PPPs form a basic tool in order to promote large scale projects between the private and the public sector resulting to to significant positive impact in favour of the local societies and the Greek economy.