General Information

Submission of Investment Plan

Each interested entity submits before the "Hellenic Investment and Foreign Trade Company S.A." (Enterprise Greece), an application for the classification of its investment plan as a Strategic Investment, its inclusion in one (1) of the categories of article 2 of Law 4864/2021 and the incentives of the specific category, that he has applied for.

Download here Table with Categories, Criteria and Incentives by Law 4864 2021.

Within forty-five (45) calendar days from the submission of the investment file, Enterprise Greece evaluates and provides its opinion on the completeness of the file and its feasibility for inclusion in the Strategic Investments framework.

The opinion and the relevant data of the explanatory file of the investment proposal are forwarded to the General Secretariat for Private Investments (GSPI) of the Ministry of Development, which further forwards the file of the investment proposal before the Coordinating Committee for Strategic Investments (S.E.S.E.) and the GSPI prepares the relevant meeting of the Ιnterministerial Committee for Strategic Investments (D.E.S.E.).

Within thirty (30) calendar days, since the GSIE has received the investment file, D.E.S.E. decides for the classification or not of the investment proposal as a strategic investment, for its inclusion in one of the categories of Article 2, for the implementation cost or the jobs created, as well as for the incentives granted. The D.E.S.E. decision is published to the Government Gazette.

Implementation and monitoring of Strategic Investments

Strategic Investments are implemented and monitored by the General Directorate of Strategic Investments, of the GSPI.

The strategic objective of the General Directorate of Strategic Investments is the implementation of the national investment policy strategy for attracting strategic investments, the monitoring of the progress of the investment projects included to the strategic investments regime of article 1 of Chapter A of Law 3894/2010 (A' 204), article 10 of Law 4608/2019 and article 2 of law 4864/2021. Based on the above its competencies cover:

  a)     The planning, organization, monitoring and control of Strategic Investments.

  b)     The licensing of Strategic Investments, as a one-stop shop.

  c)     The specification of the incentives granted to Strategic Investments, in accordance with Greek and EU law.

  d)     The facilitation and coordination for the granting of permits for projects that fall within the scope of strategic investments as ex-officio accepted or due to specific legislative provision.

The General Directorate of Strategic Investments operates as a one-stop shop and offers to the investor:

  ·       Acceleration of procedures

  ·       Issuance of Special Spatial Development Plans for Strategic Investments (ESHASE)

  ·       Centralized Licensing