General Information

The Directorate of Foreign Direct Investments (DFDI) succeeded the Directorate of Foreign Capital, with its main purpose being the development and implementation of measures to attract foreign capital in Greece, in order to enhance business activity through the increase of foreign direct investments.  

DFDI consists of 2 Departments:

1.     Department A Intra-Group Transactions Companies and Direct Investments and

2.     Department B Shipping Companies

The main competency of Department A is the implementation of the legal framework governing the Shared Services Centres (SSC) of L. 89/1967.

In addition, the Department is responsible for the implementation of the provisions related to the granting of residence permit to foreign individuals who develop investment activity in Greece (ar. 16 and 20 of L. 4251/2014), to the monitoring of investments carried out by foreign individuals who fall under the scope of ar. 5A L. 4172/2013, and also for the implementation of the framework that provides specific benefits for technical companies under L. 4171/1961.

Finally, in the competencies of Department A belongs the application of the first investment law implemented in Greece, L.D. 2687/1953 “Investments and protection of Foreign Capital”.

The main competency of Department B is to decide upon matters in relation to the shipping offices and branches under L. 27/1975 regarding the handling of the letters of guarantee and to impose sanctions, where necessary.

Finally, Department B is also responsible for ship registration in the Greek Registry according to LD. 2687/1953 (ar. 13).